Feb. 15, 2022

We’ll Always Have Tatooine

We’ll Always Have Tatooine

Another full episode of Everything is Permitted this week!

Big Alice and Snowepiercer finally go head to head in a battle of mind games and track knowledge. Who came out on top: Leyton or Wilford?

Then, the team go down the list of the 2022 Oscar nominations? Who got snubbed this year and who are the shock nominees?

And in EIP's main segment this week, The Book of Boba Fett aired its final chapter as the team reviewed the entire first season. What did they think of the series, and did it live up to the hype? 

Find out on this week's edition of Everything is Permitted.



15:16 - The Permitted Minute

18:25 - Snowpiercer "The First Blow" Review

42:14 - 2022 Oscar Nominations Breakdown

1:06:01 - The Book of Boba Fett Series Review