April 6, 2021

The Gang Head to Madripoor

The Gang Head to Madripoor

Falcon and the Winter Soldier has hit the halfway point, as Bucky and Sam break Zemo out of prison. What are the repercussions? Sharon Carter also makes her MCU return, the gang head to Madripoor, a very important X-Men location, and much more. We react to it all.   Plus, Are You Still Watching? makes its return, as the crew talks the new Amazon Prime animated series Invincible, based on the Image Comics run. What did the team think of the first three episodes and should you give it a watch?   All that and more on this edition of EIP.



12:52 - The Permitted Minute

14:45 - Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Review

31:280 - Are You Still Watching? Invincible


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