Feb. 8, 2022

That’s No Moon

That’s No Moon

A very packed episode this week at EIP, as the team welcomes back Rob "Macavity" Migliaccio to talk all things Snowpiercer and Moonfall!

Speaking of the eternal engine, this week, there's a wedding aboard Big Alice, Ruth is finally found out, and much, much more. How is the season shaping up so far? Julian, Matt, Brittany, and Rob break it all down.

Then, the team breakdown the full-length trailer for the upcoming Halo tv series from Paramount Plus and give their thoughts about Master Chief's new voice, Cortana, and more.

And finally, the main event this week, a special theater edition of Raiders of the Bargain Bin, as the EIP crew brave Roland Emerich's new disaster film, Moonfall. Was it as bad as it looked, or did it shock some of the team?

Find out on this week's edition of Everything is Permitted.



9:51 - The Permitted Minute

12:00 - Snowpiercer "The Last to Go" Review

36:45 - Halo Full-length Trailer Breakdown

56:21 - Raiders of the Bargain Bin Theater Edition: Moonfall


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