June 22, 2021

That's My Lunch

That's My Lunch

It's another busy week here at EIP. Loki continues with its second episode as the show wastes no time moving the plot right along.   Then, it's another episode of The Bad Batch, a show that is not moving fast enough for the crew's taste. Who was the returning character of the week? Was the midseason showdown with Crosshair worth the price of admission?   Finally, we cover this year's E3 Conference. Who put on the best show, and what games are we most looking forward to? Find out on this edition of Everything is Permitted.



22:52 - The Permitted Minute

25:07 - Loki: Episode 2 "The Variant" Review

44:14 - The Bad Batch: Episode 8 "Reunion" Review

159:03 - E3 2021 Wrap Up


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