Sept. 3, 2019

Thanks Jack

Thanks Jack


After the long weekend, we're back with a jam packed episode! As always, Julian, Matt and Brittany start with some rants and raves. Then, we pay tribute to the late, great Jack Kirby, as we go down the list of some of his greatest comic accomplishments.

Then, it's time to talk Bungie's Destiny 2 and how the game moves forward in Year 3 with the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion coming to PC and Consoles on October 1st.

Finally, we head back to the D23 Expo to break down the latest Rise of Skywalker footage, and debate how Rey's story and the Skywalker Saga will conclude.

All that and more on this week's episode of Everything is Permitted!



12:30 - The Permitted Minute

19:40 - Paying Tribute to the Late, Great, Jack Kirby

46:40 - Destiny 2 in Year 3

1:08:22 - Rise of Skywalker Footage Breakdown


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