Oct. 15, 2019

Talking Terror

Talking Terror

It's our first episode with our new equipment, thanks to you! This week, we review our experience at Eastern State Penitentary's Terror Behind the Walls with guests, Rob Carter and Heather Reppert.

Later in the show, Brittany, Matt, and Julian go over the Facebook vote for the pumpkins they carved, before moving on to our main segment, the greatest horror make-up and costumes of all time.

All that and more on Episode 34 of EIP! 



15:35 - The Permitted Minute

20:35 - Terror Behind the Walls Review w/Rob Carter and Heather Reppert

40:19 - The Permitted Pumpkin Carving Contest

46:19 - Greatest Horror Make-Up and Costumes of All Time 


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