Nov. 26, 2019

Something, Something, Justice League

Something, Something, Justice League

EIP has reached the 40 mark, and now it's on to 50! This week, the crew review Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian and discuss where they think the story is going.

It's also the return of Raiders of the Bargain Bin, as Julian, Brittany, and Matt review Matt Damon in The Great Wall, a film they all didn't quite expect to like as much as they did.

Finally, the Release the Snyder Cut hashtag gained some new momentum as actors Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck threw their support behind the director's cut of the film. EIP discuss the future and legacy of Justice League, and whether there is in fact a good film in there. All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted.



20:48 - The Permitted Minute

23:54 - The Mandalorian Chapter 3 Review

38:40 - Raiders of the Bargain Bin: The Great Wall

1:03:01 - Release the Snyder Cut


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