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A Great Pod

If you need a break from the same stale podcast, take a listen and laugh and be informed. The world needs more Raiders Of The Bargain Bin. Also Brit is the queen of puns, this show is great. What are you waiting for, go listen already!!!!

Listening is permitted

Julian and the gang put out an excellent podcast every Tuesday. The width and depth of their geekery knows no bounds, and it is always fun to tune in to see what the EIPs are up too. Sub today to be permitted.

Great pod

Awesome pod, love listening on my way to and from work! Keep it up 😎


The detail on this show is fantastic! The in depth breakdown on the Animation episode was great. The secret of “Nihm”, and “Ferngully” these are the classics. The chemistry on the show is great! Entertaining from beginning to end! Looking forward to more!

Everything is awesome on Everything Is Permitted

Julian, Matt, Brittany and the rest of the EIP crew are freaking awesome. I listen to the episodes at work and it really brightens my day with their whitty commentary and puns. I absoutly enjoy Raiders Of The Bargin Bin and also their new Participation Is Permitted post show web series. When they say Everything Is Permitted, they really mean it and that's what makes the show interesting and not stale like some other podcasts. You really never know what the next show is going to be about until it comes out. Enjoy the podcast!

Geeky fun!

I love listening to Julian, Matt and Brittany, whether they’re geeking out over the latest news, doing hilarious bargain bin movie reviews, or deep-diving into movies, tv, gaming and pop culture! Give them a listen, you won’t regret it!


One of my favorite podcasts

Give it a listen!

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast. The hosts are engaging and fun. There’s a wide variety of subjects covered so there’s a little something for everyone!

Awesome Show!

It’s a show about video games, movies and all things pop culture! Great hosts and great topics! This is an entertaining podcast and a must add to anyone’s podcast!

Top a Notch!

Can’t get enough of this show!!!


Great and entertaining! Stop in and give this one a listen!

Geekery Abounds...but in the good way

I've been listening since the beginning. I always look forward to the next episode.