Aug. 3, 2021

Raising the Stakes

Raising the Stakes

Everything is Permitted returns this week with another episode and the crew has a lot to unpack.   First, we start with some odds &ends regarding the new Ghostbusters trailer. Does the team think the movie is necessary? Plus, Julian, Matt, and Brittany talk about both the Scarlet Johansson/Disney and Activision-Blizzard/State of California lawsuits.   Then, the Bad Batch along with Omega stage a daring rescue at an Imperial installation, but things aren't as they seem.   And finally, the crew breakdown the second full-length Dune trailer, and talks about whether splitting the first book into two movies is a good idea. All that and more this week on EIP. 



12:13 - The Permitted Minute

13:57 - Odds & Ends

42:21 - The Bad Batch Episode 14 "War-Mantle" Review

55:34 - Dune Trailer #2 Breakdown


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