Feb. 23, 2021

It's Been Brittany All Along

It's Been Brittany All Along

On this fresh and icy edition of EIP, we discuss the big reveal on the latest episode of Wandavision. Plus, moves are being made, and trades are happening all across Snowpiercer's 1,034 cars. Who made headway in the Nigh Car this week? Andre? Wilford? Maybe Miss Audrey?   Then, we celebrate one of our own, as The Master of Puns hosts, The Brittany Show on this, her birthday weekend!   All that and more this week on Everything is Permitted.



24:22 - The Permitted Minute

26:25 - WandaVision "Breaking the Fourth Wall" Review

48:34 - The Brittany Show!

1:03:25 - Snowpiercer "A Single Trade" Review


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