May 21, 2019

Fire and Blood

Fire and Blood

We have a packed episode this week! First, Julian and Matt talk about Matt Reeve's The Batman, and the rumored Robert Pattinson casting. They also delve into how many villains a Batman movie needs to succeed, and how much is too much.

Later, it's the debut of the newest EIP segment, Raiders of the Bargain Binas Matt and Julian review and painstakingly sit through Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter.

Finally, Winter has come for Game of Thrones, as Julian welcomes a roundtable of guests to wrap up the back half of the final season including Karyn Brown, Sean Harrigan and Brian Barrish.



9:55 - The Permitted Minute

13:24 - Matt Reeve's The Batman

33:22 - Raiders of the Bargain Bin (The Last Witch Hunter)

55:00 - Game of Thrones Roundtable Wrap Up w/Karyn Brown, Sean Harrigan and Brian Barrish


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