April 02, 2019

Let's Get Ready to Revive!!!

Philly is getting an eSports Arena for the Overwatch team, Fusion! Julian and Matt welcome Kyle Branson and Chris Moke to the show to talk about what these means for the city, eSports in general and much more. They also try t...

Season 1 Video Games

March 26, 2019

Welcome Home

The Disney/21st Century Fox Deal is complete! Julian & Matt welcome Rob Migliaccio back to the show once again to dissect just what the merger means. They guys also discuss their favorite television shows growing up, and how ...

Season 1 Film Television

March 19, 2019

Game Over

On Episode 13, Julian and Matt welcome Rob Migliaccio to talk about Marvel's new "What If?" animated series, as well as the lackluster start the video game industry has had so far in 2019. Finally, the guys welcome Julian's f...

Season 1 Film Television Video Games

March 12, 2019

Of Ends and Beginnings

This week, it's the end of one franchise and the start of another. Julian sits down with the Mother of Dragons, Karyn Brown, as they review and dissect Captain Marvel (SPOILERS!!!). Then, the guys talk about the final How to ...

Season 1 Film Television

March 05, 2019

The Golden Gauntlets

Episode 11 is here! Matt and Julian rant more about their favorite store, Best Buy, then rant even more about Will Smith and the new Aladdin movie. Later, the guys break down how well superhero movies faired at this years Osc...

Season 1 Film Television Video Games

February 12, 2019

There and Back Again

We're back after our Winter hiatus! On Episode 10, we introduce the Golden Gauntlet Awards, which should be going live as you listen! We also talk Into the Spider-Verse, as well as the How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy of film...

Season 1 Film

December 18, 2018

We're in the Endgame Now

It's our last show before the New Year! In our final episode of 2018, we breakdown the exciting Avengers: Endgame trailer with our guest, Rob Migliaccio. Next, our Resident Captain Marvel expert, Karyn Brown, joins to breakdo...

Season 1 Film

December 11, 2018

Devil's Due

We're back after a bit of a holiday break! We don't waste anytime upon our return as Matt and Julian go right into the Permitted Minute, followed by a chat about whether Black Friday sales are actually good, and the toys we g...

Season 1 Television

November 13, 2018

Pixels and Pixelation

The video games that we know and love, take a lot of manpower to build and create, and sometimes, not under the best of circumstances. Matt and Julian delve into the belly of the beast, and discuss the ugly truth behind game ...

Season 1 Film Video Games

October 30, 2018

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's almost Halloween! This week, we talk about the Iron Fist and Luke Cage cancellations, and what it means for Daredevil and Jessica Jones moving forward. Later, we give early impressions of Red Dead Redemption 2. Finally, ...

Season 1 Film Television Video Games

October 16, 2018

F**k Batman?

On our last episode we talked the MCU, and now we're talking about the curent state of affairs in the DC Movie Universe, how it's changing and how we would fix it. We also review Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and talk about the ...

Season 1 Film Video Games

October 02, 2018

There Was an Idea

Where does the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stand after Avengers 4? That's the question we ask, and wonder about superhero fatigue. Julian and Matt also get a crash course in Captain Marvel from the Mother of Drago...

Season 1 Film

September 21, 2018

Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Higher. Further. Faster. Our resident Carol Danvers expert Karyn Brown breaks down the new trailer with Julian on this special edition of Everything is Permitted. If you enjoy thow show, we hope you'll hit subscribe here on P...


September 18, 2018

Press the Start Button

We've made it three episodes! "Press the Start Button" is our big gaming installment. We start off with the Permitted Minute, then talk Henry Cavill's departure from Superman and casting in Netflix's "The Witcher" series. Lat...

Season 1 Television Video Games

September 04, 2018

Lock S-Foils

On this fresh second episode of Everything is Permitted, Julian and Matt talk steelbooks and bring you another Permitted Minute. In the first of two main segemetns, Julian sits down with Bryan Becker and Alex Makaryk to talk ...

Season 1 Film

August 21, 2018

Maneuvering Thrusters

On the debut Episode of Everything is Permitted, Julian and Matt debut the opening segment of each show, the Permitted Minute. Next, Julian welcomes his wife Karyn Brown onto the show to talk Ruby Rose's casting as Batwoman i...

Season 1 Film Television