March 09, 2021

Ice and Stone

This week, EIP is back with another episode as the crew review Disney's latest release, Raya and the Last Dragon, as well as the latest episode of Snowpiercer Season 2. What did we think of the latest Disney animation insta...

Season 4 Film Television

March 08, 2021

WandaVision Review Special

WandaVision has run its course, leaving us with more questions than answers. Brittany, Matt, and Julian break it all down on this month's bonus podcast reviewing the entire season as well as the shocking finale. Where has The...

Review Specials Television

March 02, 2021

Seeing Red

We near the end as the penultimate episode of WandaVision raised the stakes in a major way! Once again, Brittany has all the details on Wanda, White Vision, and the Scarlet Witch. Meanwhile, Snowpiercer chugs along with ano...

Season 4 Film Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

February 23, 2021

It's Been Brittany All Along

On this fresh and icy edition of EIP, we discuss the big reveal on the latest episode of Wandavision. Plus, moves are being made, and trades are happening all across Snowpiercer's 1,034 cars. Who made headway in the Nigh Car ...

Season 4 Television

February 16, 2021

The Thirst Train

On this Valentine's Day, love is on the ice as Snowpiercer hits us with another superb episode of television. Meanwhile, in Westview, Cupid's arrow is hitting its mark as Wanda and Vis celebrate Halloween, but all is not righ...

Season 4 Television Video Games

February 09, 2021

Running Red

Another week, and another development in Westview. Meanwhile, on Snowpiercer, discoveries are made and we find out just how insane Mr. Wilford really is. The team also talk Golden Globe nominees, the Mass Effect Trilogy Leg...

Season 4 Film Television Video Games

February 02, 2021

SWORD Will Provide

WandaVision continues to stun, as Snowpiercer's engine ignites once again. It's Episode 86 of Everything is Permitted! This week, we review both episodes three and four of the hit new Marvel series, as we head outside whate...

Season 4 Television

January 19, 2021

Wanda & Vision Hit the Grid!

Another exciting week here at Everything is Permitted as the Winter season of television has finally begun! Marvel programming has finally returned with the series premiere of WandaVision on Disney+. Julian, Matt, and Britt...

Season 4 Film Television

January 12, 2021

Bio Digital Jazz

In our first episode of 2021, EIP brings in the New Year with not only a new edition of Raiders of the Bargain Bin, but a Retro Review as well! First, the crew take a look at a holiday movie from Matt's randomizer, the 2003...

Season 4 Film Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

December 29, 2020

Heart and Soul

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We're back with Episode 83, as we review two new film releases in Disney/Pixar's Soul, and Warner Bros. Wonder Woman 1984. Plus, the Permitted Minute, rants and raves. That and more o...

Season 4 Film

December 22, 2020

Like My Father Before Me

It's our last episode before Christmas, and that means EIP Under the Christmas Tree is back for its second year. Sip on some cocoa as Julian, Matt, and Brittany change gifts with each other. Then, it's on to one of the most...

Season 4 Television

December 15, 2020

The House of Mouse

The DID has taken over EIP this week, as Thursday was the day of announcements to kill all other announcements. First, we breakdown all the new Star Wars news, followed by what seemed like a never-ending list of new MCU serie...

Season 4 Film Television

December 07, 2020

The Mandalorian Power Hour

"You know, even I get boarded sometimes, Jabba I had no choice." - Han Solo, A New Hope" That's right. Unfortunately, we're a week late, but that means we have DOUBLE The Mandalorian this week! It's the Mandalorian Power Hour...

Season 4 Film Television

November 24, 2020

In De-Nile

That's right, it's the season four premiere of Raiders of the Bargain Bin! This month, the EIP Crew watch their first film yet in Gods in Egypt. Also, The Mandalorian is back with another great episode in "Chapter 12" directe...

Season 4 Film Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

November 17, 2020

The Next Generation

The next generation of consoles have launched and we have our very first impressions of the PS5 and Xbox Series X here at EIP. Also, the crew talks about the current state of movie theater chains amidst a pandemic, and if we ...

Season 4 Film Television Video Games

November 10, 2020

Parting is Such Sweet Console

On this edition of EIP, we say goodbye to the current generation of consoles, as the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch this week. Also, last-minute guest Erik fills in for Matt as he joins Brittany and Julian to wrap up a less tha...

Season 4 Television Video Games

November 03, 2020

EIP Strikes Back

At long last, the EIP Season 4 premiere is here, which also signals the return of the hit Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian. Join Julian, Matt, and Brittany as they catch up on all the film, gaming, pop culture happenings o...

Season 4 Television Video Games

September 02, 2020

TENET Review Special

It got pushed back three times, then indefinitely delayed. But now, Finally, Christopher Nolan's next epic, TENET, is hitting theaters. After months of anticipation, the EIP crew finally review the film, go over some favorite...

Review Specials Film

September 01, 2020

Long Live the King

In the EIP season three finale, the team pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman with a look back at Black Panther and the legacy he leaves behind with guest, Karyn Brown. The EIP crew also wrap up the Rotten Tomatoes' 300 Most Es...

Season 3 Film

August 25, 2020

DC it All

What happens when DC Puts on its own stay at home virtual convention? Lots of fireworks and lots of Batman! In this special episode of the Pod, the EIP crew run down the biggest news and reveals from all eleven hours of DC's ...

Season 3 Film Television Video Games

August 18, 2020

Be Kind, Rewind

After going through 100 of the most rotten films a few episodes ago, we decided to take 105 of Rotten Tomatoes' 300 Most Essential films to watch right now and discuss them. This is part one of a two-part series that will con...

Season 3 Film Television

August 11, 2020

Toying Around

Raiders of the Bargain Bin makes its return and this month Matt has chosen torture for the crew to watch as they endure 2007's Bratz. Later, the crew goes over some of their favorite toys in their collections both past and pr...

Season 3 Film Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

August 04, 2020

Something Rotten

The EIP crew welcomes in August with a look at the 2020 Emmy nominations. Who got the most nods and who got snubbed? Also, a look at some of the 100 most rotten films according to Rotten Tomatoes. Finally, Julian, Matt, and B...

Season 3 Film Television Video Games

July 28, 2020

The Pod Provides

We're back after a week off, and there's a lot to unpack! First, the crew take a look at the Xbox Series X Games Showcase in depth. Later, it's our Snowpiercer Season one SPOILER review. Plus, odds & ends with EIP contributor...

Season 3 Film Television Video Games