Dec. 11, 2018

Devil's Due

Devil's Due

We're back after a bit of a holiday break! We don't waste anytime upon our return as Matt and Julian go right into the Permitted Minute, followed by a chat about whether Black Friday sales are actually good, and the toys we got on the biggest shopping day of the year. Later, Julian sits down with Bryan Becker to talk about the new CCG keyforge, and the tournaments we played in at PAX Unplugged. Finally, Rob Migliaccio joins the show to help us wrap our heads around the mystery that is Netflix's Daredevil series.


0:00 - Intro

2:00 - The Permitted Minute

3:13 - Black Friday

19:48: - Keyforge PAX Unplugged Wrap-up

43:21: The Mystery Behind Daredevil's cancellation 


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