Nov. 16, 2021

Dune Review Special

Dune Review Special

"Dreams Are Messages From the Deep..."

It's a very special edition of Everything is Permitted, as the team reviews the highly anticipated Dune adaptation from the visionary director, Denis Villeneuve.

Join the team as they break everything from the film down, from it being a faithful adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel, the scale and scope, to the amazing cast of characters who brought the Fremen and great houses of Atreides and Harkonnen to life.

Later, Julian takes a spacing guild transport to where Dune all started for him: Huntington, NY. There he talks about the film with his father Royal Brown, the man who bought him his first copy of the book. Did they agree on Villeneuve's adaptation, or does Royal stand by the extravagance of David Lynch's 1984 cult version?

All that and more on this very special edition of EIP.


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