Season 4 Episodes

August 31, 2021

What If He Was a Spider Mummy?

A busy week here at Everything is Permitted! We have trailers, new series, and the return of Raiders of the Bargain Bin! First up, as WandaVision (and Brittany) predicted, we got the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Hom...

Season 4 Film Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

August 24, 2021

Pure Imagination

This week on EIP, the team takes a look at the final trailer for Marvel's Eternals, plus, a breakdown of the team's superpowers. Later, The Bad Batch ended its first season with a bang with the two-part finale, "Return to K...

Season 4 Film Television

August 03, 2021

Raising the Stakes

Everything is Permitted returns this week with another episode and the crew has a lot to unpack. First, we start with some odds &ends regarding the new Ghostbusters trailer. Does the team think the movie is necessary? Plus,...

Season 4 Film Television

July 27, 2021

By the Power of Bargain Bin

This week on Everything is Permitted, after a long slumber, Raiders of the Bargain Bin rears its ugly head. This month's offering, found by Brittany, and somehow chosen by the whole team: The Man Who Killed Hitler and Bigfo...

Season 4 Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

July 20, 2021

For All Time

EIP is back after a bit of an impromptu break! This week, the team plays catch up on The Bad Batch, before wrapping up the final three episodes of Loki. In a galaxy far, far, away, the clones come face to face with a young He...

Season 4 Television

June 29, 2021

Alpha & The Omega

This week on EIP, we keep it short and simple with reviews of The Bad Batch episode nine, and Loki episode three. On this week's Bad Batch, the clones search for Omega, who has been captured by Bounty Hunter Cad Bane. Unfort...

Season 4 Television

June 22, 2021

That's My Lunch

It's another busy week here at EIP. Loki continues with its second episode as the show wastes no time moving the plot right along. Then, it's another episode of The Bad Batch, a show that is not moving fast enough for the c...

Season 4 Television Video Games

June 15, 2021

Glorious Purpose

EIP is back with glorious purpose this week, as the highly anticipated Disney+ series, Loki, has finally premiered! The crew welcomes West Coast correspondent Heather Borjon back to the show to help break down the first epi...

Season 4 Film Television

June 08, 2021

The 100th One

We did it! We reached episode 100! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with our little podcast over the past few years! This week, Julian, Matt, and Brittany talk about some of their favorite moments from the pod. Later, it's ...

Season 4 Film Television Video Games

June 01, 2021

Viva Las Bad Batch

It's the week before we hit episode 100, and it's a jam-packed edition of Everything is Permitted! First, the team reviews episodes four and five of The Bad Batch, as they begin to ask the question: was this show even neces...

Season 4 Film Television

May 18, 2021

Take Me to the Relay

This week on EIP, we're counting down to our 100th episode! On Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the clones along with Omega crash land on a remote moon. Plus, Crosshair is tasked with training an elite team of new Imperial trooper...

Season 4 Television Video Games

May 11, 2021

Carnage in Night City

A lot to unpack this week on EIP as the first trailer has dropped for the upcoming Venom sequel, Let There Be Carnage. We break it down and talk about the franchise moving forward. Also, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the contin...

Season 4 Film Television Video Games

May 04, 2021

Invincible vs. The World

EIP is back to its regularly scheduled programming as the show inches ever closer to episode 100! This week, we have a jam-packed episode. First, the team breaks down the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer. T...

Season 4 Film Television

April 20, 2021

Yor's World

We're back after a week off, and the stakes have been raised with Bucky and Sam in episodes four and five of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Is the series headed to a satisfying conclusion? Later, it's the return of Raiders ...

Season 4 Television Raiders Of The Bargain Bin

April 06, 2021

The Gang Head to Madripoor

Falcon and the Winter Soldier has hit the halfway point, as Bucky and Sam break Zemo out of prison. What are the repercussions? Sharon Carter also makes her MCU return, the gang head to Madripoor, a very important X-Men locat...

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