Feb. 21, 2020

Coming Up Just Short of Gold - Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Review

Coming Up Just Short of Gold - Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Review

“Sonic’s the Name. Speed’s My Game!” 

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on the horizon, look no further than Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020) for a fun and diverse collection of sports events and minigames. This endearing Switch title continues to carry the torch of its predecessors into another exciting installment.

The game bolsters an impressive amount of 2D and 3D minigames and events, including new Olympic sports such as climbing, surfing, and skateboarding. The game finds its stride and strength in its variety of characters and events that make competing against friends or strangers online easy and entertaining. After all, who doesn’t enjoy watching Toadette destroy everyone at the 100m sprint (even Sonic?!) or Dr. Eggman whooping Yoshi’s butt at badminton? 

Where the game struggles is in its bizarre yet lackluster story mode- a tiresome 6 hours of grinding until you unlock all the characters and minigames you want- and its controls, which can be frustrating or awkward at times. While the story and mechanics may not hinder most kids, they sure will start to tick off adults (especially when the gold medal is on the line!). 

 Overall Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020) is another family game sure to join the ranks of “fun yet frustrating” or “sure to destroy friendships” and become a staple in your home among titles like Smash Bros. UltimateMario Party 8, and Mario Kart Deluxe. In a surprising twist, the game manages to mix retro and modern gaming in an unexpected way. It caters to nostalgia while still adding something new to the series. It’s clear that with every upcoming Olympics, these games will continue to grow and try something new.

Although Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020) didn’t quite manage to stick the landing and score a perfect gold, it provides the most events and minigames yet in the series. It is sure to provide hours of entertainment, whether at the forefront of your focus or played in the background at parties or family gatherings. The hit or miss mechanics and tedious story mode won’t weigh down the enjoyment too much, making this game a worthy addition to your Switch party / multiplayer games. 

3.5 out of 5 “WAHOOS”!