Feb. 4, 2020

And My Axe!

And My Axe!

It's our 50th episode, and we decided to take the show on the road for such an occasion! Mazhu Axes in NE Philadelphia were awesome hosts as we threw some Axes, talked about the history of how Mazhu came to be, and how Philly is a hotbed for Pro Axe throwers.

Later, Julian sits down with his father Royal and brother Cary to review Guy Ritchie's latest film, The Gentlemen.

Finally, we take a look back at the 49 episodes of EIP that came before, and some of our favorite moments over the past year and a half!


17:56 - The Permitted Minute

20:00 - Fun Time at Mazhu Axes! 

41:41 - The Gentlemen Review w/ Royal and Cary Brown

1HR:03:03 - Favorite Moments

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