Everything is Permitted

About Everything is Permitted

Created in the summer of 2018 by Julian Brown and Matt Reppert, Everything is Permitted brings film, gaming and pop culture under one podcast banner. With original segments like The Permitted Minute, and new ones like Raiders of the Bargain Bin, Julian, Matt, and Brittany bring their comprehensive knowledge of all things nerd to the weekly show.

About the Hosts

Karyn BrownProfile Photo

Karyn Brown

Host, Everything is Delicious

Also known as the Mother of Dragons, Karyn is the host of EIP’s Top Chef post-show, Everything is Delicious. She is known for her delicious baked goods and an unhealthy obsession with the movie, The Worst Witch. When she’s not tending to her garden, she can be found wrangling her two baby dragons, Cecily and Caleb.

Brittany TomesProfile Photo

Brittany Tomes


Joining EIP in 2019, Brittany jumped on to become EIP’s newest co-host after the season one break. When she’s not working at Wade’s, she’s probably thinking about or playing D&D. On EIP, no pun is safe…

Matt ReppertProfile Photo

Matt Reppert


Co-host and Raiders of the Bargain Bin Mastermind, Matt is a walking, talking encyclopedia of film, television, and gaming knowledge. He will be the first to admit that he has an unhealthy obsession with steelbooks.

Julian BrownProfile Photo

Julian Brown

Creator & Host

Julian is the host and creator of Everything is Permitted. Along with his co-host Matt, he launched EIP in the summer of 2018. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek equally and likes long walks on the beaches of Risa.